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Senior Claims Executive

Josephine V. Dino-Lizardo

Josie joined the Company on 4 August 1982. With over 30 years of P&I experience, she is involved in personal injury and crew claims. She also assists various ship agents in handling medevac and death cases involving foreign seafarers until they have been repatriated to their respective countries.

Jay Arthur G. Del Rosario

Jay Arthur has been with Del Rosario Pandiphil Inc. for the past 8 years and is currently Senior Claims Executive in the Company. He has trained in Arendal with GARD AS in personal injury and participated in the marine study course of North of England. He specializes in ECR Crew on leave cases and Extended Family Crew, however, has also had various experiences in handling any type of personal injury claim. He contributed in the formulation of the Del Rosario Primer and has given a number of presentations on behalf of Pandiphil to manning agents and other clients.

Razelle N. Espana

Razelle joined Del Rosario Pandiphi, Inc. as Claims Assistant in 2011 after obtaining a degree in Political Science, major in International Relations. In 2012, she became a Junior Claims Executive and started handling Filipino crew claims involving personal, injury and death incidents since then. She assisted in the establishment of North of England P&I Association (NEPIA)’s post-repatriation medical programme in the Philippines. Razelle is also jointly responsible for the preparation of the Company ISO 9001 certified. She is currently taking her Master in Risk and Insurance Management at De La Salle University.

Deogracias A. Garcia

After having graduated with a degree in Humanities with specialization on Management, Deogracias joined the Del Rosario Pandiphil, Inc. as Claims Assistant tasked with auditing endorsement requests from manning agents while assisting in monitoring medical treatment on Filipino seafarers. After undergoing extensive training and seminars under Del Rosario Law, he has supervised a crew claims team since 2010 which specializes on personal injury, illnesses and loss of life.

Shirley S. Perez

Shirley joined Pandiphil in 2008 and eventually became Junior Claims Executive 1. She primarily handles processing of Filipino crew claims involving personal injury and illness, death such as missing and suicide, piracy and tsunami cases, and arranging compassionate visits. She mostly deals with cases under Anker Crew Insurance and Japan P and I Association (JPIA). She can also calmly handle complex matters involving families that tend to be aggressive in seeking attention and assistance of the local media.

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Telephone: +63 2 5317 7888, +63 2 8810 1791 Fax:  63 2 5317 7890 24/7
Mobile: 63 917 83 8384

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